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As I (Steve Wallis) stated on the history page, I put out a call far and wide on the internet for anybody who wanted to participate in Galaxia, either as a full band member or as a guest participant in one or more of our songs, to turn up to a recording studio (the Cutting Rooms, Abraham Moss Centre, City College, Manchester) on Thursday the 30th of June 2005. This was an extremely unorthodox way of getting a band together, and unsurprisingly nobody turned up. However, I already knew that a guitarist (called Adam) who works there and turned out to be very good could help out with the recordings, and he accompanied me on an acoustic guitar when we recorded two of the tracks (Do They Know It’s G8 Time? and The Revolution Starts Now!) and I sang L'internationale unaccompanied.

Adam told me that he does not want to be part of Galaxia in the future, and I am now looking for band members who live in or near Glasgow. Anyone who wishes to participate can of course contact me (by phoning 07739 904924 or emailing me at

I would like the following people who I have been in contact with recently to be band members:

I would like the following famous people to consider being band members:

I would like the following people from my past to consider being band members:

I would very much like to resume contact with some other people from my past, and possibly involve them in the band, including Mariam, Darren Hammond, Jo Phillips, Tania Williams, Fiona Strawbridge, Philip Martin, Tony Swinburne, Jackie Cook, Tessa Sposito, Janet & Chris Youde, Rachel Lunnon, Carol Thorpe, Peter Roberts, Michelle Lundström, Paula Mitchell, Jo Haley, Dylan Murphy, Rachel Salmon, Sonya Qureshi, Prachi Dwivedi, Emma, Sam and Funké.

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