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Galaxia Foundation for the World Socialist Revolution

Galaxia band members will establish the Galaxia Foundation for the World Socialist Revolution, and all the proceeds of CD sales, T-shirt sales, gigs (except for those that are benefits for particular organisations), etc., except for expenses and wages, will go to the Foundation.

The Galaxia Foundation will be composed of band members (and perhaps some other socialists) and will democratically decide how to distribute the money to campaigns, socialist and autonomous organisations, and charities (particularly those which campaign as well as alleviate some of the problems of capitalism).

The wage rate of band members will also be decided by the Foundation whatever wage rate we decide to pay ourselves, our wages will be workers wages in line with the philosophy of Galaxia that we are in the band to help the struggle for a better world rather than to line our own pockets.

As many of you will have noticed, the word “Foundation” is very appropriate for the Galaxia fund, due to the origins of the band’s name in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

Details of the organisations supported by Galaxia, including the amounts that we have raised for each of them, will be accessible from this web page when the Foundation is established and starts raising funds other than those needed to establish the band (such as outlay on CDs).

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