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VERY NEW NOTE: I, Steve Wallis, am currently in a Rochdale band called Fruity Frank and the Frisky Freaks, named after a computer game (written by me in the 1980s). Information about emulators of the game on modern computers, plus lyrics and downloads of our original tracks, are available on the Fruity Frank website. You can also listen to cover versions, or modified cover versions (such as John Lennon’s “Imagine”, designed to unite believers and non-believers based on the idea that a sort of spirit survives when someone dies, in the people he or she has affected in his or her time on the earth), on the Fruity Frank SoundCloud page.

NOTE: I created this website initially for my Manchester band Galaxia, which has only existed on two different days with different lineups! We made recordings of four songs, which you can download free of charge from the downloads page; a very funny dance mix (by Steve the Pro) of one of the songs (The Revolution Starts Now!) can also be downloaded from that page. You can also listen to them on the Galaxia MySpace page galaxiamusic. This website also contains lyrics of many more of my songs, many of which have been recorded by myself as unaccompanied socialist musical poetry and some of which have been recorded by my Glasgow band Red Day; visit the Red Day website or the Red Day MySpace page reddayband for details. You may also like to visit my personal MySpace pages galaxiasteve, socsteve and socialiststeven (the first of these just contains videos and the other two audio recordings of some of my more recent songs, most of which are rather or even very risqué!). Some of my musical poetry, plus two songs I performed with the Back Door Music Project in Rochdale, can also be played or downloaded from my account on SoundCloud: stephen-wallis, which is a much better music site than MySpace. I have also created SoundCloud pages for my bands, Galaxia, Red Day and Fruity Frank and the Frisky Freaks.

NEW: I uploaded the lyrics of the Galaxia song Donovan’s Doorway to this website. I had previously kept the lyrics and name of the woman the song is dedicated to (Gayle O’Donovan) secret to avoid too much pressure being placed on her as my main ally in Manchester. This was partly due to the importance of her free will helping bring about a really good world, but also because I cared about her as an individual. I was not aware at the time that she already had quite a high-profile role as Secretary of Manchester Green Party. She later hadan even higher profile, as prospective parliamentary candidate for Manchester Central and local election candidate for Hulme in the 2010 elections. Click here for the lyrics. In early 2013, I heard of her death in tragic circumstances after moving to Norwich a year earlier from a fellow member of Green Left (a left-wing faction within the Green Party), and, with my new band Frank and the Frisky Freaks, recorded a better version of the song. Find it on SoundCloud here.

NOT AS NEW: I recorded a music video, of myself singing unaccompanied with creative but low-tech graphics, called Mandy, about Lord (Peter) Mandelson aka Mandy possibly being good now despite once being a key architect of New Labour under Tony Blair. It also touches on a prediction of Gordon Brown of a double dip recession (which I believe is inevitable due to big tax rises and public spending cuts after the next general election). You can click here to read the lyrics, click here to view the video at YouTube or listen to/download a recording of the song from the socialiststeven MySpace page.

QUITE NEW: I wrote a song in March 2009 called Do They Know It's G20 Time?, to encourage people to demonstrate in London at the time of the G20 summit that took place on the 2nd of April. I produced a video of myself singing the song at the first G20 demonstration (Put People First, supported by trade unions, charities and campaigning organisations) on the 28th of March. The song makes a lot of political points, vital in order to help the left develop alternative political solutions to the credit crunch and ongoing depression in opposition to those proposed by Gordon Brown and the other G20 leaders. You can watch the YouTube recording of the song or read the lyrics.

FAIRLY NEW: I moved back to Manchester in September 2008 from Glasgow and reformed Galaxia on the 8th of October at the Cutting Rooms recording studio (Abraham Moss centre, City College, North Manchester). The new line-up consisted of Jonny Faders on acoustic guitar or piano and myself on vocals. We performed the songs Things Can Only Get Bitter and Donovan's Doorway. I am now planning to form a new bigger band, probably based in Manchester but with a different name, and am recruiting band members. Contact me by phoning 07725 735255 or emailing revolutionarysocialiststeve@yahoo.co.uk if you want to join the new band.

I was in a band called Red Day based in Glasgow which was first formed in January 2008. I intend to visit that city a fair amount and hope to do further recordings with Red Day. To hear the songs we have performed so far, go to the Downloads & Lyrics page of the Red Day website.

I also produced some tracks as unaccompanied musical poetry, that I performed in 2007 and then again in September 2008. For more information and to download tracks, visit the musical poetry page of my socialist website.

Additionally, somebody I met at the 2005 Earth First! Gathering, who calls himself Steve the Pro, has produced a brilliant and very funny mix of the Galaxia song The Revolution Starts Now! To download it, click here.

My name is Steve Wallis. I am a singer/songwriter (and occasional bongo player). Most, but not quite all, of the songs I have written are political songs or political love songs. I now call myself a “democratic revolutionary socialist libertarian feminist”.

I was the founder of a band called Galaxia (named after the very left-wing state of the galaxy at the end of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series) in Manchester in June 2005.

I formed a new band in Glasgow in January 2008 called Red Day (like Green Day but explicitly socialist), performing some of my songs, the lyrics of which can also read on this website. I cannot write music or tell what a particular note is, but can devise tunes when I sing my songs. Another member of Red Day, a woman who uses the pseudonym Nik Polyphony, is a very good keyboard player who often improvises tunes and has mainly been responsible for putting my songs to music. She can also sing well, and does so for the chorus of our most important song to date: 9/11 Inside Job.

In June 2008, I went on-line with Red Day songs, creating the website (www.red-day.net) and putting the band on various social networking sites (see the social networking page of the Red Day website). I particularly publicised 9/11 Inside Job in a message I sent out far and wide. Full versions of all the songs can be played or downloaded for free, from the website and social networking sites; I intend to continue this policy with all songs we perform even if some are also sold commercially.

Red Day only gets together for a maximum of one session of an hour and a half per week, sometimes with gaps of over a month, so I am considering participating in another band simultaneously. I have included details of people I am particularly keen on involving in such a new band below:

There is one person who, more than anyone else in the world (with the possible exception of myself), could make the difference between us being moderately successful and being an international phenomenon – an attractive Indian (non-violent) anarchist based in New York called Priya Reddy (also known as warcry), the main person behind War Cry Cinema. She has a brilliant mind, as demonstrated by the way she out-thought and exposed delegates that she interviewed entering a Republican Convention, in a DVD she showed at the 2005 Earth First! Gathering (which is where I met her). Her film-making skills could enable us to have great music videos, that would be extremely popular on sites like YouTube. Hopefully, she can also sing and/or play an instrument in the band too. I believed, based on statistics about my websites and the likelihood that our enemies would perceive her as a serious threat, that she was a political prisoner in a psychiatric institution in the USA that she compared to the Auschwitz concentration camp, until she emailed me in January 2008 to let me know that she had never been in such a place. The first song I wrote for Priya is Belly Of The Beast (before I came to that conclusion) and I wrote a few more afterwards, including You’re A Rebel, On My Own, Wonderwall, and Fairytale of New York. I made recordings of those songs unaccompanied (as musical poems) to publicise her possible predicament. Red Day has performed the two most popular, and I placed the recordings on top of the old musical poetry files to correct the wrong impression of her I had given; click on the link to You’re A Rebel or On My Own for new lyrics (with downloads available from those pages).

The most promising prospects I have found so far for a new band, which will also be based in Glasgow, are as follows:

Somebody claiming to be Kate Bush (who I did not think really was her because she said that she knew a lot about her childhood but perhaps she was doing this deliberately to put doubts in my mind) said she wanted to be in the band, having seen many messages from me on the rec.music.gaffa newsgroup linked to the Love Hounds mailing list. I said I did not think she was good enough because she screeched in her Red Shoes album apart from on the inspirational but fairly nonsensical song Moments of Pleasure. After hearing her recent double album which is utterly terrible, I think that she may have been deliberately releasing this dross (which incredibly was nominated for an award) to encourage bad people to get into her great music, particularly the Hounds of Love album and her beautiful and very political duet Don’t Give Up with Peter Gabriel. At one point, she went through mental anguish, which she thanked me for getting her out of; perhaps the poor quality of her double album is a sign that she still has emotional problems to deal with. When I was out-of-touch with her for a while, despite her sending me quite an important email, she talked about organising a rescue party to free me from the psychiatric ward I was incarcerated in, but I got sufficient leave to email her back and put her off that idea! At one point Kate said that she had met up with another famous singer Eddi Reader (of Fairground Attraction fame who later sang the brilliant Patience of Angels) and told me that Eddi wanted to be in my and too. Eddi sent a message of support to the demonstration organised by the Scottish Socialist Party in the centre of Edinburgh at the time the Queen of England opened the new Scottish parliament building, at which over 1,000 people signed the Declaration of Calton Hill for an independent Scottish republic on the basis of liberty, equality, diversity and solidarity. However, she sang at the official ceremony in front of the Queen. She was brilliant (and looking far better looking than she did in Fairground Attraction, enabling her to get a better rapport with other good people and therefore playing a more positive role in society) on a Burns Night programme shown in TV, I may like one or both of them to both be in my band, but I will need to meet them to find out if they really are good enough politically (and indeed if the person emailing me really was Kate Bush).

Another person who I particularly want in the band is a very pretty woman (in her thirties) called Cath Bann (my strongest collaborator and the woman I was most in love with between 1998 and 2003); I suggested that she learned to sing and play an instrument so that she can be in my band when she heard me perform my karaoke speciality Great Balls of Fire in Manchester in the spring of 2003. I have written a few songs/musical poems dedicated to Cath; the lyrics of Too Good To Be Forgotten contain a lot of information about her role in my life, and I wish Cath was a folk rocker (with flowers in her hair) is a track that may attract a lot of people to the band due to Sandi Thom’s song I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair) being a massive number one hit in 2006 (achieved due to her concerts performed live on the internet from her Tooting basement). What Can I Do? is a love song for Cath.

The other people who I am particularly keen to recruit to the band are a Canadian anarchist called Gwen Noel who used to camp at the anti-Trident peace camp at Faslane but returned to Canada, a former Manchester psychiatric nurse called Sonya Qureshi (featured particularly on my musical poem My Life (part 1)), another Manchester psychiatric nurse called Emma (for whom I wrote the song Missing You), an American woman I met and fell in love with travelling up the west coast of the USA (as recalled in my song The Fugitive) called Ronda Prunty, a Dutch student called Jonika with Indonesian ancestry who is a member of the Scottish Socialist Party and two old friends who I have lost touch with: Thomas Branagan (on harp) and a Jewish woman called Rebecca.

I am also keen to involve the following famous people in the band, but some of them may not be keen to join until we have made a name for ourselves:

See my contact details at the top of this page if you are interested in joining the new band.

I set up Galaxia initially in Manchester before the G8 summit in July 2005 at Gleneagles, Scotland, and recorded some tracks with Adam from the Cutting Rooms recording studio on acoustic guitar shortly before the summit (which you can fetch in MP3 format from the downloads page), calling for a worldwide general strike at the time of that G8 summit on the issue of poverty in the so-called Third World, but that may have triggered socialist revolutions. Action at that time, including the huge Make Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh and the Live 8 concerts, forced significant change by world leaders and that issue fell down the agenda (until Bob Geldof exposed the fact that G8 leaders failed to carry out their promises after the June 2007 summit in Germany).

I considered calling for a worldwide general strike at the time of the 2007 summit too but did not feel that the mood was there for such a strike on that occasion. Maybe it would have been possible in 2008 with the massive rises in food prices affecting the West as well as underdeveloped countries, but discovering nobody else calling for such a strike when I searched the internet in the run-up to that summit finally persuaded me to abandon that idea. For arguments on the viability of a general strike call, visit my G8 summit worldwide general strike website.

I have repeatedly changed my most important song The Revolution Starts Now! to improve the politics and bring it up-to-date. The current version is renamed The Revolution Could Have Started Then! because it is historical, but I may go back to the original title in the event that a worldwide general strike at a future summit seems a good idea. Click here to read the updated lyrics. I need to do some further work on it, including pointing out that the revolution could actually have started much sooner than that G8 summit, after the anti-poll tax campaign led by the Militant Tendency, if it was not for infiltration by conspiratorial organisations on the side of big business.

The history page of this website contains more information about Galaxia’s history including the origin of the band’s name in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series.

I have written dozens of new songs since establishing Galaxia, including political love songs as well as purely political ones, and have put their lyrics on this website (even though the band has not existed for years and I no longer intend to resurrect the name).

I have done some recordings on my own, consisting of musical poetry and unaccompanied Galaxia songs, and placed them on the musical poetry page of my socialist website.

All the tracks on this website and my socialist website, and the lyrics of my songs, are copyleft – as defined by the GNU Free Software Foundation – encouraging not-for-profit duplication but forbidding it for commercial purposes.

I thought about using a non-profit making organisation, perhaps on the internet, to distribute proceeds of the band (hence the“.org” web address), with band members paid no more than a worker’s wage. However, the lack of a viable organisation to choose where to distribute such funds means that I no longer think that is sensible. I regard my belongings as an investment for the revolution anyway, and would make big donations personally if I became reasonably well-off. Perhaps a better way of demonstrating that we are not in it for the money than saying that we are non-profit making is to sell our CDs cheaply, and put “Pay no more than” graphics on the front covers to ensure that shops don’t rip people off and take advantage of the cheap prices they have to pay for them to boost their profit margins. The alternative approach of publicising on the covers of CDs, or inside booklets accompanying them, that the proceeds are going to a particular Foundation could put shops off selling them. [If we put songs on commercial download sites, which is a much easer and cheaper way of reaching a wider audience and making money (and even possibly getting in the charts) than producing CDs, I want us to continue to allow free downloads from the band website as well.]

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